My wife and I met Mark with Advanced Heating Solutions when we built our first home. We both are very energy conscious people and explored all avenues of heating and cooling. Not knowing much about geothermal, Mark was able to walk us through in a way we could understand and be comfortable with. Needless to say, Mark installed our system. Mark and his team were the most respectable and polite group of contractors I’ve ever dealt with (my wife absolutely loved them). Building a home can be very stressful, especially dealing with so many different contractors. Mark was one of the few who actually did what they promised and came though for us, start to finish. We sold that home a few years later and the main selling feature was the heating system.

After selling our home, we bought a house that already had geothermal. My wife and I were thrilled to have this system once again. After living in this home for a year, we noticed our power bill was quite high and the system was much older than we initially had thought. We called Mark and asked if he could look at our system. After looking, Mark had determined that the system was indeed old and among other things, not really installed up to par. A new system was probably the way to go however, Mark didn’t pressure us to buy one and actually offered to try and get the existing one up to snuff to save us some money. My wife and I decided at the end of the day a new system would be best. Mark installed a new unit and also made the necessary changes to optimize my new unit. Once again we were blown away from the level of service Mark and his team gave us!! Not only did he cut my power bill in half, he made the necessary changes outside the unit to give the home a perfect balance of heat and AC (something the previous installer failed to do). He also added a meter to the heat pump so I would know exactly what we are using for power. It has now been one full year and to heat and cool my almost 5000 square foot home was just under $1200.00. To top it all off Mark still makes regular routine trips to our home to check on the system and make sure it is running perfect (at no charge), something my wife and I never asked or expected him to do. I have and always will recommend Mark to any home owner who is looking at different heating options. His level of service and commitment to satisfying the customer is both refreshing and top notch!!!!!!
P. Porter, Amherst NS

We had geothermal heating installed in our home in the fall of 2011. There were several companies to whom we made inquiries. Mark responded promptly and with valuable and relevant information. By the time he finished completing a home visit, we had no doubt that hiring Advanced Heating would be a good decision. Mark provided us with accurate estimates and details of what installation entailed. When the installation began we were delighted with the knowledge, professionalism and courtesy of the entire work crew. We were consulted and kept informed of all aspects of the installation. The crew were wonderful – always cleaning before leaving (in most cases leaving the place cleaner than when they had arrived)! Once installed, the system has exceeded our expectations – providing an even, comfortable heat that is cost effective with a reduced carbon footprint. Our overall electrical consumption dropped over 40% of previous levels. Mark has continued to provide excellent follow-up and has made himself available to deal with any of our questions. We highly recommend installing geothermal heating and our unequivocal advice is to hire Advanced Heating!
Peggy & Gordon

We moved into our 150 year old farmhouse overlooking the Tantramar Marsh knowing that the heating system was going to require a complete overhaul. The 3300 square foot house had relied entirely upon electric baseboards for heat and would have cost a small fortune in annual operating costs. We knew we did not want to rely on fossil fuels for heating, so by eliminating those options and discussing geothermal with Mark at AHS we had no hesitation in going with a Nordic geothermal heat pump complete with a desuperheater to provide hot water as an added bonus. The house did not have any existing ductwork so the AHS scope included the design and installation of an entire air handling and distribution system. The system was laid out with considerable attention paid to detail and it was obvious they went the extra step to make sure it was laid out neatly and efficiently. Mark’s crew was professional, courteous and respectful of the fact that our family was still living in the house while work was going on. Mark kept us in the loop throughout the job and was good to provide us with options and suggested solutions if issues came up, which comes with the territory when working in an old house. The project finished on budget and Mark has since followed up with us to make sure the system is operating to our satisfaction. I did not anticipate how gratifying it would be to watch the oil trucks pass by our house without stopping!
Jeff & April MacKinnon, Sackville NB

I contacted Mark McCormick, Advanced Heating Solutions, to get a quote on redoing the hookups for my heat pump, infloor radiant heating system and possibly redoing the entire setup in my mechanical room which was originally completed by amateurs and a total nightmare with loops of pex-pipe everywhere. He provided me with a quote within 24 hours which was very reasonable and included everything.

Mark transformed my mechanical room into a high functioning work of art. The transition takes up only 2/3 of the original space and allowed for my adjoining laundry room to be expanded 4.5 feet wide by 8 feet long. Mark coordinated his work with that of the carpenters and the electrician to get the entire job (including laundry room) done before the weather demanded heat and included temporary hook-up of my hot water so I was not without for even a day.

Mark and his assistants are professional, trustworthy, never leave a mess of any sort behind and deliver that which Advanced Heating Solutions contracted to do- and more.
Barb M

We are very pleased with our geothermal system and the great followup which we have had from Mark since the installation. Our system was fully installed during August so we were able to benefit from the air conditioning and the automatic dehumidifying. Since then we have been very pleased with the heating system itself. One thing which is a real bonus is the absence of dust.

It is a great system, and we would be happy to recommend it to anyone.
Ralph & Lynne Welton

We decided to install a solar domestic hot water heating system to lower our electricity bills and invest in a more sustainable future. After getting estimates and offers from several suppliers and installers, we were happy to deal with Mark McCormick and Advanced Heating Solutions. Mark and his crew were professional, timely, pleasant and practical. Their work was careful and the installed Thermo-dynamics system has been running well. The energy savings are substantial, and in line with our expectations. During a subsequent urgent roof renovation, on short notice Mark was helpful and accommodating in temporarily lifting the panels to give access to the roofers. We are delighted with our interactions with Advanced Heating Solutions, and recommend them without hesitation to our friends and colleagues.
Doug Campbell & Amanda Cockshutt, Sackville

After 30 years of burning upwards to 17 cord of wood in an 1860 farm house that is exposed to the Cobequid Bay and heating 3500 square feet, we received a positive testimonial from a satisfied Advanced Heating Solutions customer who had installed a heat pump. We had a number of options from the type of system, open or closed loop, to the size of heat pump eventually installed. We found that Mark McCormick evaluated each parameter carefully including the type of thermostat, all with the objective of providing us with a comfortable level of heat and virtually no oil usage and we are on the backside of the heating season (March). We installed a 5 ton heat pump with an open loop system using our old well as a return well. Our hydro bill has virtually doubled starting in November which translates into $150- $175.00. This will become the real costs of heating with our new geothermal heat pump. I would encourage anybody to investigate a heat pump as an alternative to burning oil or in our case wood and I would certainly be recommending Advanced Heating Solutions to do the job.
Anne & Alec Forbes, Marshwinds Farm

With an aging wood/oil combination furnace requiring a total upgrade, we began researching various methods to heat our farm house. Interested in geothermal, we contacted Mark McCormick who provided us with information and advice. Mark and his team provided us with a quote and installed the system on time and on budget. We highly recommend Advanced Heating Solutions to provide a professional and competitive alternative energy system for heating your home.
Phillip & Rosemary Donkin

Mark’s eye for detail and professionalism is evident in the work done by Advanced Heating Solutions. He is knowledgeable, dependable, approachable, and accomplished in his technical knowledge of geothermal heat pumps. After completing the installation he has followed up twice to ensure all was functioning properly. Based on our experience, I highly recommend Advanced Heating Solutions for any geothermal installation.
Ron & Joanne Chisholm – Truro, NS

We were looking for a solar hot water system installer and chose Advanced Heating Solutions for the following reasons:

  • Prompt and attentive response to our query.
  • Thorough, clear and concise assessment of our site.
  • Professional installation of our system.
  • Unsolicited follow up examinations of the installed system.

Don & Brenda Theakston

When we were planning to build our new home in 2005, we decided to have solar panels installed on the roof of our house to help with the cost of rising electricity bills. It was the best move we ever made and we feel that within 3 to 4 years it will pay for itself. We chose Advanced Heating Solutions after much research and have no regrets. Mark worked with us even though we lived in a different province and he had a lot of travel. He was here when promised and made trips coordinating with the electrician. Since we have now lived in our house for almost 2 years, we have never run out of hot water. We can hear the boiler and know it is time to start the laundry or send the children for the showers. Mark has come to check our system and we have agreed to show our system to others who are interested. We have had excellent service and would recommend Mark McCormick’s company to friends.
Kathy & Jim Sanderson

We wanted to retrofit our 40 year old house with a ground loop geothermal heating system. We had multiple tries with several contractors. It seemed that our requirements were just too difficult to meet and the contractors dropped out of sight. Not so with Advanced Heating Solutions. Mark provided us with a carefully researched customized solution. It was installed expertly in a timely manner. Throughout the process we were kept informed and involved. Mark used excellent materials and he is meticulous in his craftsmanship. We are very pleased with the performance of our system. During our years in Nova Scotia we had multiple opportunities to interact with a variety of contractors and our experience with Mark certainly stands out in a most positive way.
Cornelis & Brigitte de Boer

Research into the installation of solar water heating led us to Advanced Heating Solutions and Mark McCormick. His timely and helpful response was appreciated as was his willingness to spend time having us understand the process of heating water and how installation would proceed. He was equally clear about costs.

Mark was both professional and courteous in manner and very approachable. His attention to detail was very remarkable. It was so obvious that he would be leaving here after a flawlessly installed system.

Since the work was completed, Mark has been in contact with us and his easy accessibilty is most appreciated.

I will be happy to recommend him to any of my friends.
Mary Ellen Clark

We were looking for an efficient heating and cooling system for our new house that was about to be constructed. We eventually decided on a Nordic geothermal heat pump after meeting with Mark from Advanced Heating Solutions. A few of the reasons were:
Gave clear explanation of technology and its benefits.
Provided a detailed quote.
Very professional from day of initial contact until completion of job.
We were kept “in the loop” during the entire job.
Great follow-up afterwards to ensure satisfaction.
Mike & Trudi White

Over the last two years, we have had the opportunity to work with Mark McCormick from Advanced Heating Solutions. During that period of time he has coordinated the installation of our septic system, geothermal heating system and solar panels. He has demonstrated through his work to be very professional and trustworthy. He has provided much needed advice during the installation period and whenever called upon has been available to deal with issues as they arose. We highly recommend Mark and the company he represents.
Ron & Naomi Kirkbride