Solar Thermal

We are a dealer for Thermo-Dynamics Ltd (Dartmouth, NS), serving Cumberland and Colchester County (NS) as well as South Eastern New Brunswick. Solar water heating systems can reduce most of the energy required for domestic hot water in homes or businesses. Solar thermal is the cheapest, most practical form of renewable energy. Because the solar collector (panel) is so efficient, absorbing 70% of the sun’s energy, it is a low cost per watt energy system. Solar Thermal works for almost everyone, and should be one of the first renewable energy options considered.

Domestic hot water is the second-highest energy cost in the typical household. In fact, for some homes it can be the highest energy expenditure. Solar water heating can now reduce your domestic water heating costs by as much as 65%.

The Solar Boiler is designed for automatic daily and year round operation. A non-toxic glycol solution in the solar collectors eliminates winter freezing problems. A photovoltaic module regulates the proper daily operation of the Solar Boiler and the solar loop circulator turns on only when the panels are hot enough to heat the solar tank.

The Solar Thermal Process

Light from the sun strikes the solar collector and heats the black metal Sunstrip absorber underneath the glass cover. This heat is transferred to a non-toxic anti-freeze solution (propylene glycol and water) that is pumped through the collector and returns to the Solar Boiler.

The hot glycol then transfers heat to the water in the storage tank via the Solar Boiler’s heat exchanger. The water is heated repeatedly in this fashion, until the solar tank is hot.

The Solar Boiler is used as a pre-heater in conjunction with your conventional heating system. Cold water enters the Solar Boiler for initial heating, and is then delivered to the backup or conventional heating system for final heating as required. The conventional system is typically fueled by oil, electricity, propane, natural gas, etc.

Conventional energy requirements can be reduced substantially by using the Solar Boiler, and on many days the Solar Boiler will provide ample hot water without the backup (conventional) heater turning on.

For more info check out Thermo Dynamics.